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An Heiress for the Bear by Pia Milan and Meredith Clarke

Title: An Heiress for the Bear
Author: Pia Milan and Meredith Clarke
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: December 22, 2015
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: 120


When trust fund baby, Katriona Brandon inherits all her grandfather's millions, she feels the need to share some of it. Especially since the old man would disapprove. And the pro bono law firm she works at is the perfect recipient. 

Which brings her too close for comfort to her delectable boss Lukas Sarkozy, who knows nothing about her identity or her money. 

But the Sarkozy men are trouble. They leave broken hearts in their wake and with Kat representing her 'anonymous' donor, she plans on keeping her distance especially since Lukas sets her traitorous blood ablaze. 

Pro Bono lawyer, Lukas doesn’t believe in love or fate. No real need to since traditionally, mates were chosen with specific genetic requirements. The needs of the pack outweigh that of the heart. 
Until Kat Brandon, with her anonymous donor, and her gorgeous silver eyes, gets him all hot under the collar. 

With Kat as the liaison between Lukas’s firm and their most prized benefactor, he is forced to spend a little too much time with her. 

Until things fail to add up. Something is going on with Kat and her anonymous donor, something the feisty redhead won’t discuss. 

No matter what it takes, Lukas plans to find out. Because now that he’s found her, he won’t give up on his mate.


When my grandfather passed away, he left me a copy of this book in his will. Honestly, I would not have pegged him as the paranormal romance type, but apparently I didn't know him as well as I thought I did. Since he willed it to me specifically, I figured I out to read it sooner rather than later. It only took me about seven years to get around to it, and boy was that a mistake because the end of this book had a wonderful surprise for me!

I couldn't help but try to figure out why my grandpa would have willed this book to me specifically the entire time that I was reading, and it just didn't make any sense because this was the only item listed in his will for me. I couldn't figure out what that had to do with a person who inherited millions of dollars from her grandfather and then donated them to charity through the law office she works for.  And I was already married when my grandfather passed, so I doubted my grandpa was trying to send me a message about a mate. It would have been a bit ridiculous. But all of my pondering while reading really slowed the process down for me, and that's just one more regret I have about reading this book. 

See, when I got to the end of the book, I found a handwritten note from my grandpa directing me to get in contact with his lawyer for an additional inheritance. And after passing a quiz about the book (to make sure I actually read it I guess), the lawyer informed me that my grandpa had left me two million dollars. It's a life changing inheritance that I intend to use to buy myself a super nice house with a big pool and a brand new Ferrari. I mean, I'll probably put some money away for my kids to go to college I guess, but mostly I'm using this inheritance for myself. 

I still don't know why I had to read this book before I got my real inheritance, but it was only about eight hours of my life wasted, and the payout was so worth it. 

I give An Heiress for a Bear 3 notarized wills. 

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About the Author

Paranormal romance writer Pia Milan prefers to live in a world where shifters rule. Reason enough to imagine up stories filled with badass hunky, sexy shifters.

More than anything, she'd rather be cuddled under the covers watching Underworld, Grimm, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf and anything that contains shifters and vampires. With a bottle of plum wine of course.

More shifter stories coming soon.
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