Review Policy

My review policy is quite simple. I will review any book, as long as I've never read it. This does not preclude me reading the book after I have reviewed it here, but I cannot review a book here that I have already read.

If you would like to volunteer as tribute, please send a message to my Facebook page or email*

*By volunteering as tribute you acknowledge that you are aware the review written will be satire and may reflect poorly on your book. If you send a promotional request to my page, I will consider that to be permission to write a satirical review of the book promotion is requested for, and it will almost certainly reflect poorly on your book. Book promotion is not what this blog is about.

Rating Scale

Let's be honest, this doesn't matter because I award stars much like Drew Carey awards points on Whose Line is it Anyway. It's entirely random and not a reflection on the actual quality of your book. 

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