Saturday, August 26, 2017

Paper Hearts by Ali Novak

Title: Paper Hearts
Author: Ali Novak
Genre: YA Romance
Published: July 4, 2017
Pages: 400


“When I met Alec Williams, I nearly fainted. Totally embarrassing, but how often does a regular girl get to meet a famous heartthrob?”

Felicity has been living in the shadow of her best friend Lucy since they were kids. But things change when she is introduced to a quiet guy named Alec. At first Felicity is intimidated by his fame, but as the two grow closer she starts to realize that Alec just might be the guy of her dreams. No other guy has ever made her feel so alive. 

The only problem? Lucy has different plans for Alec—plans that start with prom. 

Felicity quickly realizes that she will have to make a decision. Will she choose her best friend who has always been there for her, or the mysterious boy that she can't stop thinking about? Whatever her choice, someone is going to be left broken hearted.

Meet... The Queen of Hearts.


This past year on Valentine's Day a copy of this book mysteriously showed up in my locker and frankly, that kind of pissed me off because no one but me is supposed to even know my combination. I certainly didn't give it to anybody, and yet someone else has it. You can be sure my father will hear about this. 

So since the book randomly showed up in my locker, I thought maybe there was a message inside that I was supposed to get, so I decided to read it. The thing is, I didn't really get around to reading it until just now, and I was apparently supposed to read it back then. I'm absolutely kicking myself right now because I could have gone to prom with Ryan Masterson, who happens to be like the hottest guy at my school. I don't understand why he, of all people, would use a book to ask me to prom. I mean, I didn't think he even knew how to read. 

So while I was reading this book, I was keeping my eyes peeled for the secret message. The fucking thing didn't even come until like three quarters of the way through the book, and again, I'm only just now reading the book to begin with. I'm pretty sure this is all the author's fault somehow. 

But anyway, the moral of the story is that if you find a copy of this book in your locker when you didn't put it there, read it right away because someone hot is probably trying to ask you out to prom. 

I give this book one missed prom date. 

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About the Author

Ali Novak is a twenty-five-year-old Wisconsin native and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s creative writing program. She started writing her debut novel My Life with the Walter Boys when she was only fifteen, and since then, her work has received more than 130 million hits online. When she isn’t writing, Ali enjoys traveling and Netflix marathons with her husband Jared. You can follow Ali on Wattpad, Twitter, and Instagram @Fallzswimmer.

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  1. What a jerk! How could he not know that you're a book hoarder and it could take you until your death bed to read a book?!?

    (Side note: This isn't even the correct blurb for this book! LOL It's halfway right. I wonder if this blurb went to the original story that is or was on Wattpad, and she changed the storyline when the publisher signed her.)

    1. Right?!?! Like what a dickbag!

      This was the blurb on Goodreads...but you might be right that it was the original from when the story was on Wattpad. - Czar Fancypants