Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Women Really Want From Men by June Stevens Westerfield

Author: June Stevens Westerfield
Genre: Self-Help
Published: March 15, 2016
Pages: 19


Are you a man that has ever wondered what women really want? Are you a woman who wonders if you want to much, or want something different than other women? 

Wonder no more. 

20 women give honest answers to the question "What do you want from the Man in your life?" 

How did this book come about? 
I’ve often watched TV talk shows or read self-help books where “experts” were expounding on healthy relationships and attempting to explain what men and women really want in relationships. Half the time the stuff is so ridiculous I think: “That is CRAP! No one asked ME!” That is where the idea for this book came from. It’s not a bunch of psychobabble. I asked real women to give me REAL answers about what they really want and need from men and relationships. 


I bought a copy of this book for my husband thinking that it would be like an instruction manual (which he actually reads and uses), but I was so very wrong. He read it, and now I'm thinking I'm not actually a woman (I'm not even sure if I'm a human being! On the bright side, that means I might be Superwoman.)

Since reading this book, my husband has started wanting to spend time with me and he's started talking to me more, telling me about his day and asking me about mine. And that's just really cutting into my reading time something awful. 

To make matters worse, he's started helping out around the house too, like doing dishes which is horrible because he loads the dishwasher all wrong and he puts the clean dishes away in all the wrong places. Then I basically have to tear the entire kitchen apart the next time I go to cook a meal, just to find my pots and pans. Don't get me started on how he screws up folding the laundry (for one thing, he folds the kids laundry instead of making them do it themselves, and if he keeps that up, they're going to start expecting ME to fold their laundry too, and that's just unacceptable.)

They always say you don't know what you've got until it's gone, and they are so right. I really wish I could go back to the way things were before I made my husband read this book. 

1 star. 

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About the Author

JUNE STEVENS WESTERFIELD writes romantic fiction with strong, confident heroines. Her non-fiction work includes collections of real life stories that help give other women a voice. In addition to writing, she runs two small businesses designing greeting cards and websites. When not working she can be found reading, making jewelry, or snuggling on the sofa with her husband and six furbabies binge watching Netflix.

*I was unable to find legitimate reviews for this book because it is fairly new and probably not one that really justifies spending hours upon hours querying bloggers trying to get a couple of us to actually read the book because self-help is kind of a hard genre to pitch to bloggers in the first place (but when I saw the title, it basically lit itself up in neon screaming for a satirized review.) But hey, you could always buy it (it's only 99 cents) and find out just how far off base my review is :)