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The Woods by Christopher F. Viceconte

Title: The Woods
Author: Christopher F. Viceconte
Genre: Literary Fiction
Published: July 11, 2017
Pages: 273


David Barnes returns home from boarding school, only to find that the life he left behind is completely different. Lost in a town he no longer knows, David falls into a downward spiral until awakened by a reality he never anticipated.

The first novel by Christopher F. Viceconte, The Woods is a contemporary coming-of-age story about struggling to find one’s place in the world.


I picked up a copy of this book thinking that it would help me learn how to navigate the wilderness. You see, my husband and children are insisting that they want to go camping because they're basically heathens that have no appreciation for things like air conditioning and not being eaten alive by bugs. But I will do most anything for my kids, within reason, so I want to learn how to camp. This book, was no help at all in that respect. Honestly, it was about as helpful for learning anything about camping as Ass Goblins of Auschwitz would be for writing a research paper about the Holocaust. 

So once I realized that this book wasn't going to teach me how to camp, I tried to get into the story itself, and failed miserably. The book just made no sense to me. Like I don't think there was even a point to the story, or if there was, I didn't catch it. It seemed like it was just about a bunch of kids being stupid and doing illegal shit because they think it's cool, and I just have no interest in reading about stupid kids doing stupid shit. Like, there wasn't even anything really scary happening in the story, and looking at that cover, I kind of expected some scary (and honestly, just the thought of going camping terrifies me, because there are bears in nature, and bears eat people!) stuff to happen. This book was just an all around disappointment on every freaking level imaginable. 

Overall I give The Woods one leaking tent. 

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About the Author

Christopher F. Viceconte is a graduate of New York University. His favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Bret Easton Ellis, Hermann Hesse, and Ian Fleming. He has lived on three different continents, enjoys standing in the sun, and has regular conversations with his two dogs. Visit his website:

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I was unable to find any blog reviews for The Woods, so you'll just have to check out legitimate reviews on Goodreads or Amazon. 

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