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Dark Shadows by Toni Vallan

Title: Dark Shadows
Author: Toni Vallan
Genre: YA Psychological Horror
Published: November 16, 2015
Pages: 218


My name’s Ella Raimi. 
Until last week, my life was pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old. Until I spent that awful night trapped in the janitor's closet in utter darkness. Until the dreams began — suffocating, panic-filled dreams. My best friend Kyla stays with me, but the dreams still continue. And I wake each morning with cuts & burns on my skin. I don’t recall inflicting them. 
And then there is the blood on my hands and my sheets when I wake up. 
I’m afraid of myself. 
I'm afraid I am a killer. 
This is a standalone title.


I found a copy of this book in the janitors closet at school, please don't ask what I was doing in there. It was completely innocent, I swear. I was just trying to find some cleaning fluid, honest. 

Anyway, it looked like an interesting book and I was pretty sure the janitor couldn't even read so I'm not sure why he had a book in the janitors closet in the first place, so I took it and read it. Then I threw it away in a trash can at school, so I assume the janitor got it back because obviously he digs through the trash all the time. 

I thought this was an interesting, although rather implausible story. I mean honestly, I don't buy for one instant that Ella doesn't remember what she's doing at night or how she's getting her cuts and burns. I remember where all of my cuts and burns have been coming from since I finished reading this book, but I guess maybe I'm just better at remembering my dreams that Ella is. And the dreams are truly terrifying. I'm a bit surprised that I'm able to sleep through the night to tell you the truth. But that's probably part of the magic or whatever it is. It's not possible to get out of the dream before things start to go terribly wrong. I'm here to tell you though, whatever you do, do NOT read this book or you too will start to have horrible nightmares just like Ella and I have and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, except for my arch-nemesis Joood. I would wish it on her. 

I give this book 1 blistering burn. 

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About the Author

Toni Vallan is the author of two contemporary titles in the contemporary suspense series DESPERATION, and her ongoing Thriller line. Toni loves the dark side of the soul, and studied to become a neuropsychologist. A career path taken over by her first love - writing.

Toni lives in the land of the Hobbits, and secretly wants a Hobbit house, although her husband and two daughters may not agree.

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