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How to Be Ultra Spiritual by JP Sears

Title: How to Be Ultra Spiritual
Author: JP Sears
Genre: Self-Help
Published: March 7, 2017
Publisher: Sounds True
Pages: 272


Welcome to the Glorious Grandeur of Ultra Spirituality

In case you haven't noticed, the New Age has become the Old Age. But don't recycle your crystals just yet! His Enlightenedness JP Sears is ushering in the Newer Age, blinding us with the dawn-like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality. How to Be Ultra Spiritual presents Ultra Spiritual JP's none-of-a-kind guidance, so you can better yourself through teachings on:

- Competitive spirituality--the Ultra Spiritual foundation that the rest of your Ultra Spiritual path rests on

- Why burying your feelings alive makes you thrive

- Dreaming up your awakening--how to engineer your carefully contrived spiritual narrative

- Rigidly yogic yoga--the moisture-filled cloud formation that drops rain upon your river so your flow can flow

- Following the light to the greener spiritual pastures of veganism

- He-ness, financial levity, deathliness, and other qualities of the quality guru

- Mindfullessness--all of the fullness of mindfulness with none of the mind

- Merciless meditation--the most effective way to become more meditative (and, duh, more spiritual)

- Accessing the forces of critical nonjudgment

- Using plant spirit medicine to experience a degree of enlightenment that you aren't enlightened enough to experience without the spirit who lives inside its particular vegetation

- Humbleness, and how to employ it in the most superior sense of the word

With How to Be Ultra Spiritual, His Enlightenedness JP Sears brings the heart and soul of ancient spirituality back to life with a progressive aggression, replacing the diluted uselessness of modern spirituality with the waaay more spiritual wisdom of Ultra Spirituality. See if you can keep up . . .


After reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I thought that I was as spiritual as one could possibly get, but then I found out that I could be more spiritual when I found JP Sears on Facebook. Obviously I couldn't pass up the chance to take my spiritualness to the next level, so I rushed out to my local Amazon store and bought a copy of the book and then waited a week for it's delivery so I could continue on my journey to supreme spiritualness. 

To say that this book was enlightening doesn't even do it justice. Just opening the cover made me feel 37.864% more spiritual than I was before. This book opened doors into spirituality that Buddha himself didn't even know existed (but that guy did alright considering the limitations of his time, let's be real here.) 

Once I started reading, I quickly realized that I would need to not only work on my own spirituality, but I would need to compare my level of spirituality to that of my closest family members to make sure that I was the most spiritual among us. It was easy to lead my children astray on their path to ultra-spirituality because they are naive little people that believe most things that I tell them, but my husband proved to be a tougher nut to crack. Eventually I did it though by locking up my copy of How to Be Ultra Spiritual whenever I wasn't around so that my husband couldn't read it, and also by creatively editing some of Mr. Spears most popular videos and sharing the edited versions with my husband so that he would think he was following Master JP's advice to the letter. 

Sadly, when I finished reading the book, I realized that even His Enlightenedness has only scratched the surface of how to be supremely spiritual, and I am even now working on my own how to book to help all of you achieve the next level in spirituality. 

I give this book 4 Karmic crystals. 

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About the Author

JP Sears is an international teacher, speaker, and performer at events around the world, emotional healing coach, curious student of life, and satirist best known for his popular YouTube channel. JP’s “Ultra Spiritual” videos have accumulated over 100 million views. For more, visit

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